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4 Ways To Boost Vehicle Maintenance - Copy


Fleet managers cannot afford the lost time and associated costs that are incurred from a vehicle breakdown.

But to effectively enhance vehicle maintenance for an entire fleet, changes must begin far outside of a mechanic’s garage.

One way to improve vehicle maintenance across the board is acquiring new fleet maintenance software.

Beyond simply scheduling service, managing inventory and tracking repairs, these innovative fleet management software programs will enhance vehicle maintenance for an entire company.

Notifications Before Maintenance is Required
A fleet management software system is able to provide visibility of imminent maintenance work to fleet managers, load planners and other staff that are responsible for the daily schedules of drivers and equipment. This visibility lets maintenance work to be scheduled in a more convenient manner.

Vehicle Maintenance Reports
A vehicle maintenance report helps fleet managers ensure the safety and longevity of their vehicles.

The Vehicle Diagnostics feature is an advanced option within the Fleet Director software. Teletrac’s deep integration with the vehicle’s electronic control module provides direct visibility into engine performance – including major statistics and fault codes – collected via a standard J-Bus or OBD-II connection.

Once the data is received, Fleet Director creates comprehensive, diagnostics reports, including easy-to-use, data-filled dashboards with charts and graphs, allowing managers to note potential risks and help improve overall efficiency and performance.
Managing Various Service Events
A fleet management system traditionally has not provided visibility to maintenance service events outside of a company facility. However, there are emerging technologies that are changing the standard.

Enhanced Accounting
Accounting integration is also a beneficial tool for a fleet that performs outside repair work in their shop facilities. Invoicing and managing receivables can be managed directly from the central accounting system.

Many systems have accounting features that track expenses and create purchase orders. But in an ideal world, fleets would prefer to be able to manage all financial transactions from a single accounting system.

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 Charles Johnson directs interdepartmental strategic accounts and program management activities for Teletrac. Charles background in fleet management and telematics stems from a variety of roles he's held in the industry. His experience and insight has led him to be thought leader in the global and national GPS markets. Email Charles Johnson

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