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5 shocking ways GPS fleet tracking has been used

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

We often talk about the benefits of GPS fleet tracking from a business operations perspective – and there are plenty.

Trucking companies who use fleet tracking find they’re able to make better use of their drivers’ and maintenance team’s time by sending them on more efficient roots, which results in cost-savings. Construction fleets can find bottlenecks on job sites and improve asset utilization by seeing what pieces of equipment are where, and where else they might be needed.

But, over the years, we’ve also heard some fun, surprising and shocking stories about how our customers have used our GPS tracking system. Brace yourselves:

  • A surprise savings of over $160,000 – Sherwood Construction used our software to solve equipment theft. The GPS tracking data led them – and the police to the exact barn their stolen loader backhoe was in as well as the location of another stolen skid steer. These would have cost over $160,000 to replace and recovering either by itself would have paid for the entire technology system.
  • High-speed police chase – A limousine company customer found themselves in a similar scenario: a stolen limousine. The fleet manager was able to use the vehicle tracking data and acted as dispatch to the police, as they chased down the limo.
  • Catching a wife in the act – Shopping, that is. One fleet owner decided to put a GPS tracking system on his wife’s car, setting up geofencing to alert him when she was at their local mall.
  • Prevent a “Gone in 60 Seconds”-like theft – Trailer and transport equipment company Atlas Copco opted to have GPS tracking devices installed right on at manufacturing line. When one of its trailers disappeared at a rental location, corporate used the GPS tracking to bust the “inside job” and recover it the very next day…. from a local ship yard, ready to transport it overseas.
  • Tax payer savings of over $170,000 per year – While we can’t say who, one government entity we worked with was able to uncover $170,000 in annual cost savings by reallocating vehicles that often sat unused in one office’s parking lot to another nearby office that was constantly having to rent or buy vehicles for its workers.

To learn more about GPS fleet tracking and how you can use it, click here

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