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5 Surprising Industries That Use GPS Tracking


The option to use software to track a vehicle or asset was once a sparse idea, seemingly inaccessible to many organizations unfamiliar with how GPS tracking worked and what it could offer in real-time locations, cost-savings, safety, and compliance.

As of lately, a number of off-the-radar industries have adopted cloud-based fleet management solutions. These surprising industries are using GPS fleet tracking in innovative ways to locate anything from vehicles that transport priceless works of art to traveling school children to teenagers behind the wheel. To give you an idea, here are a few industries that provide a new perspective on how GPS tracking is used across the US on a daily basis:

Teen Driver Tracking

Aside from having made a home in smartphones, GPS technology has made its way into the cars of millennials for the purpose of tracking teen driving behavior. By offering parents an easy solution to wrestling the many aches and pains of parenthood, GPS tracking software reassures them with updates on the status of their teens once they’ve left the nest through a portable GPS-enabled device that’s installed into the car’s diagnostic port. Through the GPS device, parents are able to check on the car’s current location, speed, braking, and acceleration. A major plus to teen driver tracking is that it’s recognized by insurance companies, helping parents maintain a low premium while tracking their kids’ driving habits. One manufacturer that offers a GPS unit, or “black box”, in their C1 vehicles is Citroën. The company is partnered with GPS fleet tracking provider Teletrac and the first company ever to offer a Safety Analytics system as a standard feature in their vehicles.

Elderly Care Facilities

From tracking in-home care providers to functioning in non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) vehicles, GPS tracking and fleet management software play a large role in helping increase the quality of elderly care. ShuttleMED, a medical service and an investor in GPS technology for their fleet, has helped dispatchers in improving customer satisfaction and reducing wait times during emergency situations, such as an elderly person struggling to get up from a fall. ShuttleMED has been successful in its implementation of the fleet tracking software. “Having the tools to locate and dispatch the closest vehicle to each patient makes for a happy customer,” said William Manalo, president of ShuttleMED.

Art Museums and Institutions

Large art institutions are also taking significant measures to protect and transport priceless artifacts and other works of art with fleet management software. Museums face high liability in transporting many valued and irreplaceable art pieces; using a GPS fleet tracking solution to safeguard the timeless art, as well as themselves, is a no-brainer. Fleet management tools that provide real-time vehicle locations help these institutions monitor their assets, including the ability to track their vehicles for practical purposes like monitoring their buses which transport shuttle visitors around their campuses.

Ivy League Universities

GPS fleet tracking software has become essential in many academic institutions. These schools are often housed in vast acres of land, offering a multitude of programs and activities that make it necessary to branch out their buildings to other vicinities. This is where fleet management solutions come into play. Vehicles transport current and potential students, as well as visitors looking to explore these enormous campuses.

Bike Rentals

Companies like eBikes on Demand use telematics software to keep track of the vehicles that transport and distribute their eBikes (electric bicycles with a motor speed of up to 20mph), which are being distributed through the use of Teletrac Fleet Director. An installment of a GPS fleet tracking device in every van has assisted in driver accountability for each load of bikes carried out. “There isn’t anything that the system can’t do. We can monitor every single activity our drivers perform with our work vans and we can create landmarks for the most visited places,” said Lisa Marie, managing partner for eBikes.

The number of ways industries are using GPS fleet tracking is growing at a rapid pace. As we continue our search for innovative ways in improving our enterprises, a GPS fleet tracking solution has certainly become an essential tool in every business. Fleet management software not only allows businesses to locate their fleets in real-time and monitor driver behavior, but it also allows fleet managers to oversee excessive idle time of vehicles and provides an HOS solution, among many other cost-effective features that are useful for any industry across the board. 

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