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5 Tips For Easier Job Management - Copy


Imagine overseeing more than a dozen vehicles and their daily activity from hundreds of miles away. Frustration kicks in when you can’t get in touch with your drivers, view your sub fleet’s current locations or whether they’ve arrived on time to job sites and important appointments. You’re ready to give up.

GPS tracking software facilitates fleet management, especially when managers can’t be on the road with their vehicles. Teletrac’s intuitive, web-based GPS tracking platform—Fleet Director—empowers users to track their vehicles in real-time from anywhere.  Managers can use advanced features to optimize their routing and fleet efficiency, boost productivity and more. To illustrate how, here are five ways to make job management easier with Fleet Director:

Get Real-Time Exception And Message Alerts Sent To Your Mobile Device Or Email
With Fleet Director Mobile Alerts, receive up-to-the-minute vehicle updates on specific events, including when a vehicle speeds against a set limit or travels outside a designated zone. By creating exception conditions and linking them to alerts, users can track their vehicles at their real-time locations, allowing managers the opportunity to quickly address driving behavior. Alerts can be customized to fit the business needs of any fleet size.  

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Stay Updated On Vehicle Activity With Driver-Fleet Manager Communication
Fleet Director’s two-way messaging capabilities allow drivers to stay in touch with canned (or pre-set), form-fill and free-text messages sent directly from the vehicle’s in-cab display; managers can send customer information for last-minute jobs or other important details. Through driver messages—such as “Lunch Start,” managers can keep track of work hours, availability and vehicle activity without having to ask, “Where are my vehicles?”

Quickly Send Routes And Important Job Detail To In-Cab Displays
Use the Send Route feature to guide your fleet in the right direction. From the Fleet Director interface, managers can update routes and quickly send them to a driver’s in-cab display. This time-saving approach is beneficial for last-minute routes and in case of emergencies. Once a driver receives new route information, the in-cab display’s software instantly provides turn-by-turn directions, including lane guidance, enabling drivers to choose the safest roads and stay focused the entire way.  

Plot Time-Saving Landmarks Across The Map
Landmarks are another way to guide your fleet while reducing costs. Managers can use preferred locations to actualize time-saving routes and cut unnecessary daily vehicle use by creating and customizing travel points across an interactive map. Managers can click on the landmarks to find the nearest vehicles and their proximity to targeted areas.

Monitor Engine Performance And More With Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Reports
Fleet Director users can better manage on-time delivery, billing, vehicle performance and more with a variety of reports. The Fuel Usage Report compiles travel distance, PTO and idle time, allowing managers to track an entire fleet’s speed and fuel usage for a selected time frame. If receiving a vehicle performance overview is a priority, the Delivery Performance By Site Report helps track delivery time, customer invoicing and any possible disputes; driver work hours can also be tracked and recorded—perfect for scheduling and payroll.

To learn more about Teletrac's Fleet Director software see it live! Get a Free Live Demo Now!


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