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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Fleet Analysis - Copy


Having insight into your fleet’s engine performance is invaluable, especially when you have a limited number of vehicles on the road. Fleet Analytics is a popular solution for fleet managers with smaller-sized fleets who want to boost job performance, such as getting to customers on time or improving vehicle safety. Fleet Director provides just that and more with key reporting—and features—that can help smaller companies reap the benefits. Here are five ways small businesses can use Fleet Analytics to increase job performance:

Reduce Idle Time And Daily Vehicle Use With Fleet Analysis Dashboards
With Fleet Director Analysis dashboards, managers can view a single vehicle’s engine or an entire fleet’s. The results are organized on multiple charts and graphs, providing users with an inside look into the highest (and lowest) MPG per vehicle, idle time and more—useful for proactive driver coaching and reward programs for improved efficiency.  

Activity Reports Prevent Fleet Owners From Asking “Where Are My Vehicles?”
“The main reason we bought Teletrac was so we never had to ask “Where are you?” said Rey Reyes, manager at Pacific Coast Produce, after installing Fleet Director in their trucks. “We even caught a couple of guys sleeping at the job. It’s sweet!” With Detailed Stops and Mileage Reports, managers receive logs that help identify a vehicle’s most recent stops and travel activity as it happened in real-time. This feature is beneficial for knowing your fleet’s geographic points at all times and more.

Proactively Monitor Fleet Arrival And Departure Times
“I had a plumber say he was at a job site today and after verifying in Fleet Director, real-time, we realized he wasn’t at the job site he claimed and we were able to take the necessary action,” said Chuck Blaylock, Owner of Blaylock Heating and Air, several weeks into using fleet analytics for his vans. Managers use Fleet Director’s Delivery Performance by Job Site Reports to gain insight into performance overview of their vehicles versus their planned schedule. This report allows users to know if drivers arrived to a customer site on time or if they were a no-show.

Quickly Resolve Potential Customer Disputes
Being out on the road with every vehicle can significantly lower a fleet owner’s anxiety levels. Fleet Director’s Detailed Report provides an itemized list of each event—as reported by the vehicle in real-time, including location points, and the time and date of statuses. “When customers call in and say that one of our guys was at the job for only 10 minutes, Teletrac helped us prove that it was actually an hour!” Blaylock said. “And with Teletrac, we’re able to let our workers take our trucks home with them, since we can monitor after-hour use.”

Prevent Vehicle Abuse And Improve Fleet Safety
With Fleet Director’s Catastrophic Vehicle Event Report, managers can view precise safety metrics during dangerous events, such as when a vehicle decelerates by more than 8 MPH per second and comes to a complete stop for at least 10 seconds. Second-by-second harsh stop detail—including brake status and precise location data—enables managers to note wear and tear, safety violations and vehicle abuse within their fleets.

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