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5 Ways To Be A Successful Tow Manager - Copy


Behind every thriving towing business is effective leadership.

And becoming a successful tow manager doesn’t happen overnight. It requires plenty of dedication and hard work. But with the proper plan in place, you can ensure your towing business is firing on all cylinders.

Craft an Effective Business Plan
As with any business endeavor, your grandiose plans of running an efficient towing company will require a business plan. This business plan should contain the towing services that will be offered and include how the business will be funded for both day-to-day and long-term operations. Moreover, be sure to incorporate concepts about marketing strategies and where the business will expand when it develops into a successful operation.

Setting Goals
Successful tow managers are goal-oriented in every aspect of their fleet management, including driver productivity, safety, accident management and business relationships. This also means looking for innovative ways to improve the business and finding methods that will reduce operating costs.

Strategic Initiatives
Strategic management focuses on the significance of accomplishing objectives and the use of metrics to benchmark progress. A good tow manager will recognize the strategic aspect to asset and fleet management and understand that decisions regarding vehicle acquisition, replacement planning, funding alternatives and sourcing alliances with manufacturers and suppliers are important components of creating a successful business.

Training Employees
When making personnel decisions and hiring new drivers, make sure each employee is will fit perfectly in the business you are trying to create. Through proper training initiatives and creating a positive working environment, customers are more likely to return and become longtime clients.

Maintaining Quality Service
Bringing in as much business as possible isn’t always the best idea. When expanding the towing business, keep in mind that quality is key. Quality service will always impress customers and keep them coming back again and again. And with the prominence of social media, customers who write poor review are impacting the long-term health of your towing business.

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