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8 Things Only Drivers Will Relate to on a Holiday-Weekend Haul


Labor Day marks the end of the summer holiday travel season, and for many people it’s the last opportunity to make a three-day weekend getaway. This also means there will be a significant bump in traffic. In previous years, AAA has predicted that more than 35 million Americans travel during Labor Day weekend. 

For those drivers sharing the road this weekend, here are 8 things (illustrated in GIFs) that only you can relate to: 

When you’re trying to complete a haul in a sea of passenger vehicles.

When it’s you and millions of other drivers.

When you consider walking to your destination. 

When your GPS finds an alternative route on-the-fly.

When your dispatcher spots an upcoming traffic jam and warns you to avoid. 

When you can only think of this.

When you hit a wide-open patch of road. 

And when you finally arrive at your destination. 

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