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A Local Freight Company Chases GPS Success - Copy


Tom David Robert (TDR) Transport, based in Illinois, is a freight company that manages logistics and material transportation throughout the Midwest.

With their drivers traveling long distances, TDR was in search of a compliance solution system that met Hours of Service and driver vehicle inspection report regulations. In their search of an E-Log system, TDR was testing Rand McNally’s GPS tracking platform.  As non-technical savvy drivers had difficultly operating the in-cab device, it became clear TDR needed to find an alternative solution.

Teletrac presented live demos of their Fleet Director Software and in-cab device providing TDR with insight into their user-friendly and comprehensive compliance solution.  Impressed with the offering, TDR was happy to learn about additional features. In addition to GPS tracking TDR also added the following features: Safety Analytics, Navigation, and Two-Way Messaging.

Safety Analytics allows TDR fleet managers to monitor and analyze unsafe driving behavior such as speeding, harsh braking, hard turning, and stop sign violations. 

The data Safety Analytics generates is aggregated into a scorecard, ranking the best and worst drivers in a fleet. This way, TDR fleet managers are able to effectively enforce safe driver behavior and better maintain their assets with a peace of mind. To help make their driver’s jobs easier, TDR added navigation and two-way messaging. 

These features allow drivers to safely travel and maintain uninterrupted communication with the dispatcher.  Two-way messaging will allow drivers to quickly communicate information to fleet managers; navigation will allow drivers to focus on the road without worrying about traffic, increased idle time or getting lost.

Excited about their new GPS tracking technology, TDR was thrilled to learn that Teletrac could track their freight trailers on the road using the same GPS based platform. Without complicated upfront costs, unlike Rand McNally, TDR was happy to commit to Teletrac’s Fleet Director Software. The TDR staff can rest easy knowing their drivers and vehicles are efficient and safe.

To learn more about Teletrac Fleet Director compliance software and its user-friendly touchscreen interface see it live! Get a Free Live Demo Now!

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