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A Look At The Top Five Myths About GPS Tracking

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GPS tracking software can offer users a range of advantages, but some companies are reluctant to try it out. While tracking software is optional, the objections typically rest on misunderstandings of what the software does and how it works. Here are the top five objections, plus the reasons why each is actually not a problem.  

1. Tracking Software is Creepy

Many drivers worry that GPS tracking software will allow their supervisors to watch them too closely, to become a kind of Orwellian Big Brother. Fleet managers understandably don’t want to alienate their employees by pushing the technology on them.

Carriers can address these concerns quite simply by not becoming Big Brother. Clear company policy about how tracking data is handled can protect employee privacy and ensure peace of mind. The most important thing is for both drivers and managers to clearly understand what the software does and what it does not do and why the company has decided to use the technology. It really helps if the drivers can see how tracking software benefits them, perhaps through a performance bonus program, so they can feel ownership in the process.

2.  Software Costs Too Much

Some company leaders are concerned that adopting GPS tracking software might cost too much. Actually, the money saved through greater security will likely be enough to offset installation costs. Over time, the company will come out well ahead. If in doubt, a company can perform a full cost evaluation to see just how much tracking software can save.

3. Tracking Software is Just Too Much

Some managers of smaller fleets think a tracking software package offers more features than they need or want. Actually, these software packages are customizable, so the user only has to deal with the features they need. Even better, when the company and its needs grow, those extra features will be ready and waiting.

4. We Don’t Have Enough In-House Expertise

Nobody wants to take on extra trouble in the form of software that will require hiring a lot of new IT people. Fortunately, GPS tracking software is designed for use by ordinary people—no experts required. Just make sure to work with a provider than can help with setting up and rolling out the new technology.

5. We Don’t Need Tracking Software

Finally, there are managers who insist they do not need to track their vehicles, explaining that they trust their drivers. If somebody takes an extra coffee break, that’s no big deal. But while checking up on employees is certainly one way to use GPS tracking, there are other uses for the technology. What happens if an employee is the victim of a carjacking? How do you ensure the safety of your driver on the road? How can you be certain drivers reach their customer site in the fastest and most efficient manner? What can you do to keep managers and drivers in constant, fast and easy communication about a job? These are all questions GPS fleet tracking software can answer.

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