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Are You Setting Your Fleet Drivers up for an Alien Abduction - Copy


If you could hunt in a zoo, would you?  Well, if you’re a commercial fleet owner or manager and answer yes to that question, you should also ask yourself why an alien would abduct humans from remote areas.  Wouldn’t it be easier to obtain a broader array of “samples” from a populated area?  Additionally, what better opportunities are there for abductions than when your driver is on the road alone?  Exactly!  So take a moment and re-evaluate all of the times that a driver showed up late to an appointment, didn’t return a phone call, or had unexplained overtime.  Now, breathe.  So, are you fighting back guilt, knowing that you might have conducted disciplinary measures, when in actuality your driver was receiving a probe?

Well do something about it.  Moments ago, Teletrac’s Fleet Director Tablet with Onboard Navigation and Messaging might have seemed like a bell and a whistle, but what better way to get your driver to the job more efficiently, reducing the time that they are on the alien radar.  That’s right, let the other company’s drivers be the lower hanging fruit.  Also, with Teletrac’s Idle Alerts, you can immediately respond when your drivers are “chilling” in their trucks, like galactic rotisserie.  Do you really want to provide extra time to dawn the rubber gloves, because it’s only three fingers for some of them?
Or, if you aren’t that “touchy feely” fleet operator, who is more concerned about where the alien left the vehicle during the abduction, then Teletrac Exception Conditions are for you.  With the Teletrac Exception Conditions, you get immediate notification when the vehicle travels into likely alien vehicle drop zones, like casinos, home, and the girlfriend’s house.
Or perhaps, as a business owner, you would like to diversify and conduct business with the aliens.  Well, with Teletrac’s Status Notification and Closest Vehicle Features, you can immediately identify the closest available driver for a probing.
Well, regardless of your stance on alien abductions, we are confident that we have a product to manage your fleet more effectively, regardless of your needs.

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