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Are Your Employees Stealing? - Copy

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Businesses from all over the United States must deal with employee theft on a daily basis.

And while you may not believe it’s happening at your company, the Department of Justice reports that nearly 33 percent of all employees commit some form of employee theft.

Whether it’s worker unhappiness, a way to make ends meet, or just a sense of entitlement, a large number of people are looking for a way to cut their own expenses by taking it from their employer. This in turn, hurts company profits and ultimately the employees’ own wages.

The Associated Certified Fraud Examiners reported that the typical organization loses 5 percent of its profits to employee fraud, which could make or break a lot of businesses.

In the fleet world, one of the most common forms of theft occurs at the pump. Employees steal gas by taking fleet vehicles for their own needs or by using a company credit card to fill up a personal vehicle. When this occurs, the result is a short- and long-term loss for the company. Each little trip that an employee makes in a company car or the occasional extra tank of gas for a personal vehicle add up to fuel costs that are a steep amount of money over time.

And while just about everyone in the industry is aware that this is a common occurrence, many fleet owners are unaware that they are being victimized or how to handle situation.

Educating Fleet Drivers about Fuel Theft

Make it a point to remind your drivers that fuel theft is impacting business profits and even job security. While this may come off harsh, it’s important to explain that this isn’t a threat, but rather a fear for the company.

Using to GPS to Reduce Employee Theft

If employee theft has become a big concern for you fleet, then consider implementing a GPS tracking system as a way to identify who is the responsible party. Simply installing the system is an effective deterrent, but having the right GPS software also provides a way to monitor the fuel levels in your vehicles by seeing where they traveled and for how long.

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