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Data Blocks
Driver safety has come a long way since the first automobile was built. Necessities in every vehicle such as windshields, seat belts, and anti-lock brakes were once considered strange concepts and or luxury features. But as vehicles continue to become faster and more powerful, safety technology must continue to move ahead of the curve.
Instead of focusing on the vehicle itself, Teletrac has found a way to increase driver safety by through the use of driver behavior reporting analytics.
And in its early stages, the results have been fantastic.
This year, the U.K.-based division of Citroen installed Teletrac’s Safety Analytics software in each C1 Connexion in their fleet. As a result, Citroen’s drivers have improved their safety scores and decreased unsafe habits.
Safety Analytics Feedback Improves Driver Behavior
The safety analytics software has enabled Citroen and its drivers to pinpoint safety lapses and take the necessary action to correct the issue. Since the beginning of the year, C1 Connexion drivers have been sent an email every two weeks with an automated safety score and are given access to the safety event replay viewer, which allows them to view and analyze the unsafe events as they occurred. Having access to the event replay of these unsafe behaviors give a clear insight into improvement areas for their driving habits.
If the driver’s safety score is above the established threshold, then the driver is given an official warning regarding their unsafe actions. Poor driving habits that aren’t corrected after repeated warnings can ultimately lead to Citroen canceling a driver’s insurance policy.
However, Teletrac has reported that C1 Connexion drivers who were given warnings improved their driving score by an average of 33 percent in the period immediately following the warning notice.
Improve Driver Safety by Using Safety Analytics
Teletrac has long been a proponent of safer driving and first launched the safety analytics feature of their Fleet Director software in 2011.
A comprehensive safety score is assigned to drivers based on their tendency to perform harsh braking, harsh cornering, harsh acceleration, stop sign violations, and excessively speeding.
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