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Biggest Road Risk? Driver Behavior - Copy


Cautious, experienced drivers not only make the road a safer place for everyone, they also save fleet companies thousands of dollars.

Through proper hiring practices and developing strong safety training programs, fleet companies can reduce the costs that they incur through vehicle collisions and poor driving behaviors.

Identifying the right drivers to send on the road is no easy task. And despite the stereotype, age is not a telling sign of a safe driver.

According to fleet safety company Fleet Response, in 2012, drivers between the ages of 26-35 (24.4 percent) and 46-54 (24.1 percent) are just as likely to be involved in an accident.

Instead, fleet companies should be focused on hiring the right people and finding ways to help drivers improve their on-road ability.

Instituting a driver safety program that appropriately trains each fleet driver on equipment and incentivizing on safe driving may present a higher upfront cost for companies, but the return on the investment is immeasurable. Not only does the higher wage for well-trained drivers pay for itself through lower insurance premiums, but the additional training could very well save a company from a disastrous accident.


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Of course the hard part is finding the time to train an entire fleet of drivers. While setting aside a schedule for dedicated courses are essential, fleet companies can also help drivers improve on a more consistent basis.

Incorporating a safety analytics system into the fleet’s GPS tracking system gives drivers and fleet managers a way to see where drivers excel, and where they need to improve.

Safety analytics software highlights if drivers are engaging in risky behavior while on the road. Over time, fleet managers can see if trends emerge for a particular driver, as well as assist the driver in modifying this particular dangerous activity.

Whether a driver is just starting out or a grizzled veteran, he or she is not going to be perfect. But with the proper training and help, fleet companies can limit risky behaviors such as speeding, stop sign violations, harsh braking and harsh acceleration.

And with safer, more experienced drivers on the road, the fleet will enjoy much more success and an improved bottom line.


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Shazia HaqShazia Haq is Teletrac's senior creative editor and contributor to the Teletrac blog. She has an impressive background in journalism and b2b content marketing. Shazia earned her master's degree in international politics from NYU and worked for both the LA Times and NPR before joining the Teletrac team. When she's not interviewing the major players in the commercial fleet space, you can find her at the dog park with her Lab puppies, Email Shazia


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