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Chart of the Month: Investments in Trucking Tech at All-Time High

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

New technologies are disrupting the transportation industry, from autonomous vehicles to fleet management solutions, and they show no sign of slowing down. The ELD mandate is forcing late adopters to embrace technological change, and come December 18, 2017, America’s trucking fleets will have ditched paper and pen for more advanced tracking tools. And it’s not just regulations that are accelerating the industry’s investment in modern tech, it’s increased pressures for faster and more reliable delivery. Amazon has completely changed the way consumers shop, and long-haul fleets are adapting in turn, adopting telematics and GPS fleet tracking solutions to meet demand and distinguish themselves from the competition. Trucking tech startups have already raised $583M this year, and CB Insights projects they’ll surpass $1B for the first time.

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