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Citroën Sells More Vans [Video] - Copy


How is Teletrac Helping Citroën Sell More Vans? Citroën continues to revolutionize the industry as one of the first fleet manufacturers in the U.K. to integrate satellite navigation in its vans.Since equipping its vans with Teletrac's GPS tracking and navigation systems, Citroën van sales have soared making the company one of a small handful of van manufacturers who performed ahead of their market in 2012.

 With the cost of fuel rocketing in the United Kingdom, Citroën has steered the green path with one of the most fuel efficient fleets in the country. Teletrac's intelligent GPS navigation systems save Citroën users thousands each year in fuel costs, allowing the company to save an excess of six hours of work per vehicle per month. This ensures the company a future of high fuel economy and low carbon emissions.

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