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Combating Manager Fears- How to Tackle Theft

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Data Blocks

In 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimated a total of 699,594 motor vehicle thefts nationwide. These thefts were accompanied by more than $4.1 billion in losses, averaging at $5,972 per stolen vehicle. For businesses with a fleet of vehicles, security against theft and unauthorized usage of assets is critically important to the success of the company. But with help from GPS fleet management software, businesses are able to track their vehicles before it’s too late.

Teletrac customer, Desert Limo Services, had first-hand experience tracking a stolen vehicle. As the Founder and CEO of the company, Kevin Blain, arrived to the office one morning, he discovered one of his limos was missing. After checking with employees and security members, he realized he may be faced with a stolen vehicle case. He notified the police, and simultaneously utilized his stolen vehicle tracking system from his GPS fleet management software to view detailed information about his vehicle in real-time from the live interactive map view. The thief was not aware there was a tracking unit installed within the vehicle. And Blain was able to collaborate with police to follow and quickly recover his stolen vehicle.

Fleet managers don’t need to wait until they notice something is missing around the office to call the police, as Kevin Blain resorted to for his company. With a GPS fleet management solution, managers can be notified instantly of unauthorized vehicle usage in order to take a proactive approach to theft prevention. Geo-fences, areas defined electronically by a user and displayed on a live map, provide landmarks and perimeters for the fleet. If a vehicle travels outside of a land-marked zone or operates during off hours, managers can be notified via automatic alerts of the vehicle’s activity. These features empower managers to keep tabs on their vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The most up-to-the-minute fleet updates can be configured for any time.

When a vehicle goes missing, time is critical. Any cargo or valuable equipment accompanying the vehicle can also be in danger of theft. Making an investment in a fleet management solution can not only save vehicles, but prevent the loss of money for the business as a whole. Staying connected to a fleet every mile of the way—location, movement, vehicle and mileage data generated from GPS tracking—allows companies to assure their fleet of vehicles are efficient and safe.

Teletrac offers a round the clock call line to help track stolen vehicles. Teletrac customers can call 1-800-ITS-STOLEN for help.

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