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COVID-19: Updates CDC Guidance

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Data Blocks

As we surpass another week in the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing more and more resources become available to supply chain workers. This week we saw less regulatory updates than weeks past, but that may be a good thing, as it suggests most items that needed to be considered have already been so. Be sure to share this blog to your social networks if you find that it may be helpful to some of your contacts.

ICYMI: CDC Issues Guidance to Essential Workers, Including Truckers, Who May Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

In an effort to ensure that essential workers can continue to work, even after potential exposure, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has released guidelines for them to follow. Provided these essential workers remain asymptomatic after possible exposure, these are additional measure the workers should take to protect themselves and their communities while continuing to work. Learn more about these guidelines you can read the document from the CDC here.


Tips for Cleaning and Sanitizing Truck Cabs

From drivers to technicians, Heavy Duty Trucking published a comprehensive guide to help keep transportation workers safe while they continue to work during this unprecedented time. They cite the CDC and manufacturer’s best practices to ensure truck cabs are remaining sanitized but not while potentially damaging the surfaces of your plastic and leather interiors. Read the tips here.


FMCSA Eases Driver Violation Reporting

In an announcement on April 17, the FMCSA informed state driver’s license agencies (SDLAs) that they will not be penalized if they are unable to adhere to the 10-day notification law. Typically, the SDLAs are required to notify the federal government of driver violations, convictions and disqualifications within ten days, but they will now have three months to make that same notification. This can cause some unforeseen consequences to carriers who are hiring these drivers who have been cited, if they do not self-report during the hiring process. Read more about this update and the how to potentially avoid its impact on your fleet here.


Helping Employees During the Pandemic

In a recent Q&A with a behavioral health specialist, Business Fleet magazine discussed how fleet managers can help employees during the pandemic. From dealing with anxieties related to the coronavirus, to handling grief, this conversational piece covered tips on how to keep your essential workers mentally healthy. Read the discussion here.

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