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Digital Logs Ok'd By FMCSA


Digital logs can now be submitted electronically according to new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) guidelines. Currently drivers must print and sign their logs each day in addition to maintaining the previous seven days on hand. However with mobile logging apps drivers, are allowed to sign and submit their logs directly from the screen.

Although mobile logging apps reduce administrative tasks for drivers, it is important to remember smartphone logging apps do not sync with a vehicle's engine. Without this feature, many fleet managers are left in the dark about key operations such as engine hours, power status, and additional key operations.

With an integrated GPS tracking solution, fleet operators can easily log hours and managers can track vehicle maintenance on one simple system. An HOS solution enables drivers to easily log and store all required information along while eliminating logging errors unlike manual logbooks. In addition to helping managers ensure their fleet is operating in accordance to federal regulations, they can also plan jobs and increase efficiency by viewing up-to-date driver statuses.

Using a smartphone only as a fleet management tool has other limitations; for instance the ease in which they can be turned off or tampered with by drivers. Smartphones are battery-operated and are rendered nonfunctional once the battery dies. With a GPS tracking solution drivers are empowered with turn-by-turn navigation and two-way messaging, allowing drivers to focus their attention on the road instead of their handheld device. 

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