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Does Santa Need to be ELD Compliant?


It was the night before Christmas, and Santa was hopping on his sleigh, when a question made him pause, “Do I need to be ELD compliant today?” He began to merrily cover more than 100 miles, hauling toys for all of the kids in America, surely exceeding the 10,000 lbs. weight limit. He needed someone to talk too. And since Norad was only tracking him – he reached out to Teletrac Navman’s hotline to inquire about electronic logging devices.

Santa writes:

Dear ELD Experts,

As I traverse the many states across the United States, do I need to maintain electronic logs of my working hours? Are there new regulation dates that I need to abide by? The FMCSA ELD mandate states that I need to be integrally synched with my engine control module (ECM) – but Rudolph doesn’t have an ECM. Am I exempt?



And since we love Santa, we quickly replied:

Dear Santa,

You don’t have to worry about ELDs until December 2017. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start now. In fact, if you get an AOBRD compliant solution today, you don’t have to worry about it until December 2019. That’s two more Christmases away! Also, getting a solution now will eliminate any anxiety of having to find a solution at the last minute so you are better able to spend your time building toys for all the good boys and girls.

And Rudolph is fine. Since he does not have an ECM, many other trucks made before the year 2000 probably don’t have one either, so you are exempt.


Teletrac Navman

Christmas is nearly here and as we each celebrate this time in our own special way, let us not forget the real Santas, the U.S. trucking industry, hard at work, helping Santa deliver goods, managing transportation logistics and ensuring celebrations are running safely as planned.

For more information about ELDs, please visit: ELD Compliance


Happy holidays from the Teletrac Navman family.

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