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Driving in Extreme Conditions

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Road conditions can change dramatically at a moment’s notice.  In dangerous situations, drivers and dispatchers should be prepared to alter routes, change job schedules, and in serious situations, abandon vehicles. A recent disaster in the Cajon Pass in California highlighted this need for contingency plans, which can be supported by vehicle tracking software. Vehicles on the 15 freeway, which runs through the Pass, were trapped in a traffic jam when a wildfire jumped the road. When law enforcement and firefighters were delayed by road conditions, drivers were forced to abandon their vehicles for safety. 20 vehicles were destroyed by the fire, with property damage still being determined.

Disasters such as wildfires can be difficult, if not impossible, to avoid in real time. There are situations, however, that businesses can plan for in advance. A collapsed bridge on the I-10 between California and Arizona created massive delays as dispatchers rerouted trucks on interstate delivery jobs. Both the Cajon Pass fire and the I-10 bridge collapse illustrate the need for transportation companies to have established plans in case of disaster. These plans should keep drivers safe, assets secure, and ensure a smooth resumption of business.

In case of a natural disaster, transportation drivers should follow all instructions and directions given by law enforcement. Those equipped with telematics can also use the software to stay safe. Teletrac’s fleet management software, Fleet Director, offers a two-way communication feature that enables drivers and dispatchers to keep each other updated in an emergency situation. Fleet Director’s live mapping and routing features allow dispatchers to reroute drivers in case of road obstruction and dangers, mitigating the risk to both drivers and vehicles. In a dangerous situation, there is no substitute to a driver’s skill and experience on the road. Teletrac can help drivers stay safe when skill and experience are pushed to the limit. 

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