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ELD mandate checklist: 7 steps for training drivers


Monday, December 18 is roughly 60 days away now. While this date is a finish line for many components of the ELD mandate, it is just the beginning of the road for drivers, however.

These next two months represent a critical transition period in training drivers to properly use the new technology—and better driver knowledge will mean smoother, faster roadside stops. To make sure your drivers are prepared to hit the ELD-compliant road, we’ve outlined the 7 most critical components to consider and include in your driver training program:

  1. Confirm that drivers can identify which HOS recording method they are using
  2. Ensure drivers are aware of state-by-state inspection requirements
  3. Train drivers on what information to have readily available
  4. Emphasize the importance of including annotations in driving logs
  5. Remind drivers that law enforcement is getting up to speed
  6. Educate drivers to understand privacy provisions with ELDs
  7. Know that a driver’s training will never be finished

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