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ELD Registration: What It Is and What It Isn’t


A recent notice from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reminds carriers and drivers that the electronic logging device deadline is approaching—and referred to a list of products registered with the FMCSA as registered according to the agency’s specifications for ELDs.

A look at this list reveals that many of the leading names in the ELD marketplace aren’t on it. This may appear to be an oversight on their part, but it has more to do with what that list actually means.

What is the current state of ELD registration on the FMCSA’s website?

At present, the list of ELD providers are classified as self-certifications. The FMCSA provides technical requirements that must be met. They also suggest a test plan for the end solution. However, the FMCSA does not go through the process of verifying whether the solution meets their requirements unless a concern is raised.  The companies on the current list are registered because they say they are.

So, why isn’t every ELD provider on this list of names? After all, it’s not difficult to declare your product registered and submit it for inclusion.

Why many ELD providers have opted out of registering their product on the FMCSA’s public list  

Many devices—including those offered by some of the top ELD manufacturers—aren’t  listed there because introducing a fully-fledged, practical electronic logging device that affords real benefits to its purchasers is about more than checking off the boxes on the FMCSA’s technical requirements document.

Self-certifying a product because it appears to meet FMCSA requirements is essentially meeting a minimum standard—and one that doesn’t take into account all that a CMV fleet needs. In contrast, most reputable manufacturers are taking a more thorough approach: considering every task that an ELD has to perform for drivers and fleet managers (in addition to those FMCSA requirements), redesigning, retesting, until the product successfully hits all the targets identified during an internal development process.

That’s the kind of registration that matters.

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