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ELDs Can Recover Your Lost Hours

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

The heart of fleet management is efficiency. Untimely delivery schedules can result in unhappy customers, dissatisfied drivers and lost revenue – if your business can identify places where time is lost, measures can be taken to circumvent those issues.

For drivers, a significant amount of time can be devoted to compliance. Federal compliance rules can be complex and take a good deal of energy to properly satisfy.  Completing Hours of Service (HOS) logs in particular occupy a good chunk of the workday. Traditional logs entail lengthy paperwork, lost driving time, and allocating funds to faxing and storage. Electronic logging devices (ELDs), which the federal government is set to mandate on October 30th, significantly cut down on the amount of time a driver needs to spend properly completing HOS logs. By electronically storing all logs, companies can stay safely compliant at a fraction of the risk associated with paper logs. These risks include incorrectly entering information, improperly sending and storing the logs, and being found in federal violation.

Of course, the introduction of new technology can be daunting. Change can be hard and companies may be hesitant to install a new system. Teletrac Navman’s self-certified ELD system has been described as simple to use, essential and hassle-free by some of the most trusted names on the road. The system combines HOS and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) to create an easy compliance tool drivers and managers can quickly access. With a full integration with Teletrac Navman's fleet management software solution, this ELD option gives businesses a complete view of their fleet. ELD experts at Teletrac Navman are ready to walk you through the FMCSA mandate to see if Teletrac Navman’s system is right for you. 

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