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EPA Aims to Revise Its Gas Mileage Rules - Copy


Automakers May Face New MPG Ratings System

Automakers may be turning green in the face with the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest crackdown.

The EPA is planning to change the way it allows companies to group comparable vehicles into clusters for gas mileage ratings. The goal of the new regulations is to make the fuel economy ratings of all vehicles more accurate following recent public outcry.

This decision to seek a change in regulations stems from the reclassification of the 2013 Ford C-Max. The hybrid crossover vehicle was given a 47 MPG rating, which Ford has since reduced to 43 MPG.

Current rules let automakers to group similar vehicles into categories based on weight class, similar engines and transmissions. However, the standards aren’t working as well with modern high-mileage hybrids.

Other Likely Changes for Fuel Economy Testing

Beyond the update of general-labeling regulations, the EPA will also update its regulations on the types of vehicles that need to be tested. The EPA aims to dramatically increase the vehicle testing program by adding 30 additional workers to its inspection team, signifying a 40 percent growth in the examination portion of its workforce.

The EPA’s present program allows automakers to test their own vehicles and come up with fuel economy calculations based on EPA rules.

Any regulation revision will be subject to discussion between the EPA, automakers and any other interested parties.

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