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Feel Good Stories from Transportation This Week

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In a time where any good news is a breath of fresh air, we’ve decided to highlight some of the more positive news stories from the transportation industry from this past week. From CEOs getting behind the wheel of a rig, to 13-year-olds and others providing food and resources to the truckers, there is an unprecedented level of help, support and appreciation being shown to those that are keeping America moving.

See how America is assisting truckers during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Chief Executive Puts His Dusty CDL to Use and Joins His Drivers on the Road

As covered by Commercial Carrier Journal in their piece, Leading by Example: Fleet Owner Joins Front Lines of COVID Response, one commercial fleet’s chief executive chose to help deliver much-needed grocery supplies during this time of heightened need. He decided that getting behind the wheel was not only a great way to help the country, but also a meaningful way to show solidarity and care for his company’s drivers and contractors. He’s also taken this opportunity to have some quality time with his family as he has brought his wife, son and daughter with him all on separate trips. Read more about this family’s effort to help the supply chain in this critical time.


Organization Urges Communities to Setup Roadside Food Stops for Truckers

A public Facebook group, Sandwiches4Semis, is challenging America to help feed the truckers that are continuing to bring us the goods we may take for granted. The group’s website states the mission better than we possibly could: “With restaurants closing nationwide and some rest stops overcrowded, access to even a meal is challenging for truckers. A truck can’t go through a drive-thru!” They are challenging communities in trucking corridors to organize road-side food stops for truckers. Learn more about how they organized one themselves, including FAQs about how you can safely do this in your community.


Facebook Page Connects Volunteers to Stranded Truckers in Need of a Meal

Meals for 18 Wheels, a public Facebook group created in 2013, has recently seen a large spike in posts and activity on their timeline, which shouldn’t be a surprise in today’s environment. The group allows for truckers - who may be unable to find a place to grab a bite - to post their location and ask for help. Group members in the vicinity can then comment to offer help. The moderator then uses direct messages to coordinate the meet up so charitable locals can feed America’s unsung heroes. Follow the page if you’d like to do you part to help or if you’re trucker who may find yourself in a similar situation.


ICYMI: 13-year-old Uses Allowance to Feed Local Trucker

A truck driver’s son springs to selfless action after overhearing a conversation between his parents about how his Owner-Operator father is finding it increasingly hard to find a good meal. A true example how Americans – of any age - shine and support one another in times of need. Read more about how he decided to do his part to help and about a campaign he started to encourage restaurants to join the cause.

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