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Five Critical Towing Issues - Copy

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

The tow truck’s introduction to American roads in the early 20th century revolutionized transportation assistance in the United States. In the past few decades, the industry has seen business flourish as more vehicles are put onto the road and require assistance. Today, customers rely on the towing industry to deliver reliable, timely and quality service. So what issues does towing currently face?

#1. Providing Quality Service
If a customer is in need of a towing job, you can bet that they want to keep a close eye on their assets. Providing customers with a towing experience that fulfills their expectations is crucial to good management practices. GPS-based navigation guidance allows towing companies to get to their customer’s lots more efficiently—saving companies time, bandwidth and money.

#2 Keeping Customers Updated
Maintaining good communication with customers allows them to stay informed of possible delays, a switch in fleet driver and appropriate arrival times. Customers that are provided with up-to-date information from their towing companies feel more secure and content with their service.

#3 Improving Fleet Utility
Knowing where all vehicles in a towing company are at all times can be similar to wading through a corn maze. Utilizing a tool that can monitor and manage vehicles and assets makes it easier to allocate customer jobs to the closest tow truck in the fleet. In addition, towing companies that stay abreast of their assets at all times reduce the amount of overtime costs and extraneous vehicle detours.   

#4 Eliminating Liability Costs
False claims can be a killer for towing companies. Utilizing fleet management software simplifies client disputes with the ability to show vehicle arrival time, as well as total time spent at the customer site.

#5 Amplifying Fleet Communication
Keeping in constant contact with company drivers is a win-win management solution for a simple reason: saving costs. Utilizing a fleet management solution with two-way messaging capabilities and turn-by-turn voice navigation allows drivers and dispatch to eliminate out-of-route miles and wasted fuel. See, we told you: staying close to the fleet equals smarter and more cost-effective business decisions that provide payback.

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