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Fleet Agenda 2013 - Copy

Fleet operation costs, safety and risk management, along with fuels costs and fuel cards will once again be the pinnacle agenda items over the course of the next year, according to the latest Company Car Trends report from GE Capital.
The research from GE’s Fleet Services division based its conclusions from a survey which questioned fleet decision-makers on key aspects of their operations. The top three concerns for the 2013 Fleet Agenda remained the same from the previous 12 months.

Top Fleet Agenda Items for Fleet Decision-Makers

  • Fleet Running Costs
  • Fleet Safety and Risk Management
  • Fuel Costs and Fuel Cards
  • Driver and Corporate Taxation
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Grey Fleets
  • Homeworking and Mobile Working
  • Traffic and Congestion

Combating the 2013 Fleet Agenda Issues

Using GPS fleet tracking software to track your vehicles, drivers and deliveries is one of the most effective ways to eliminate the top fleet agenda concerns that owners and managers face. An advanced and interactive automated fleet management system comes with simple, effective navigation and safety features that are designed to provide assistance to every company.
The ability to manage your fleet at any time or place has become an integral part of successful fleet management. The combination of GPS tracking software and fleet management tools give you the ability to monitor fleets, reduce fuel consumption, automate compliance issues, and so much more. These proficiencies resolve many fleetwide issues, including high running costs, safety concerns and excessive fuel expenses.
Implementing fleet management software helps you find a way to cut down on high fuel costs and unauthorized vehicle use, which increases your company’s fuel economy and safety across the board.
There are also plenty more pioneering technological features like on-board navigation, two-way messaging capabilities and electronic driver logs (hours of service) that save fleet owners countless hours and help their bottom line.

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