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Fleet Management In A Mobile World

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Mobile technology has uprooted the modern workplace to work at lightning fast speeds. Fleet management has historically been at a desk job, limiting companies in their productivity and communication. With new technology infiltrating the space, modernizing fleet operations is crucial to staying relevant. Businesses should look at ways to become faster, smarter, more accurate and more accessible to customers. This change in fleet management culture starts with the right devices that can support that management style.

The flexibility of using modern devices—such as smartphones, laptops and tablets—to do business has increased productivity— while also adding expectations from customers. Service windows have gotten smaller, expectations for actionable data is larger and the need to keep up with competitors who have embraced the mobile trend is now a business reality.

A 2013 Field Mobility study by Field Technologies Magazine notes that today’s modern mobile culture has led to significant improvements in customer service, time spent per job and operational costs:

A few ways mobile technology has improved service culture, on average:

  • An 18% increase in service visits per technician.
  • A 25% reduction in service calls per ticket.
  • A 40% increase in service revenue contribution per technician.
  • A 30% reduction in logistics (and overall operational) costs*.

* Source: 2013 Field Mobility Report, “How The Latest Technologies And Trends Are Transforming The Mobile Workforce,” Field Technologies Magazine.

The modern office is untraditional. No longer are managers restricted to their desks; mobility has allowed their work off-site or on the field to be just as effective (and perhaps easier).

The face of the customer has also changed. Mobility benefits have created a new consumer who expects faster and more accurate service—turning the mobile culture trend into an important yardstick for businesses in all industries.
To embrace the evolving state of fleet management, investing in a web-based GPS tracking platform is wise. These systems can operate on any device and browser, allowing for quicker response times and the ability to tap into current vehicle and driver data.

The era of mobility has created new opportunities for growth. Companies that embrace technology will re-define the speed of job management, leading to more competitive benchmarks. Investing in a mobile solution will allow businesses to create 21st century goals that meet customer expectations —and far exceed them.

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