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Fleet Tracking Moves From Big Brother To Big Data


As Big Data has become more prevalent in our everyday lives and people accept the idea that everything from their web browsing history to their physical location can be traced, the notion of tracking no longer seems "Big Brother-ish." In our experience, businesses struggling to squeeze out waste have put aside Big Brother concerns to achieve benefits ranging from fuel savings to on time maintenance (not over/under servicing), improved customer service, increased sales, reimbursements from the government and elimination of falsely claimed overtime.

Some examples include:

  • Reduced Fuel Usage
    • Fleet tracking is proven to save 12-15% on fuel. Customers have saved thousands of dollars with tracking using this system.
  • Government Reimbursements
    • One school district was able to better document transportation activities for special needs students and collect over $600,000 in Medicaid reimbursement.
    • One utility company was able to capture the data needed during a tornado cleanup and recoup over $110,000 from FEMA.
  • Improved Customer Service
    • Knowing the exact vehicle location can help businesses tell their customer exactly how far the vehicle is from their service call or delivery.
  • Increased Sales
    • One customer tracked routes and found holes in delivery routes to increase sales.

Fleet tracking software also enables companies to integrate other platforms within their systems so they can combine location-based information with additional systems providing very powerful insight. One of our customers has integrated our system with Oracle while another, GW University, has integrated it with an online reservation system so they can provide a better exact vehicle location for the scheduled rides.

How are you using Fleet Tracking to provide big data for your organization?

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