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Following Grand Theft in Palm Springs

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Desert Limo Services, a company providing black car services to Coachella Valley, California, and surrounding vicinities, was recently faced with a stolen vehicle case. Founder and CEO of the company, Kevin Blain, helped to quickly catch the culprits and recover the company’s stolen car by using GPS tracking.

As Kevin Blain walked into his office one morning, he noticed one of his vehicles was missing. After calling his entire team of drivers and security, no one was able to provide him with the vehicle’s whereabouts. He realized he was facing a stolen vehicle case and immediately reached out to police. Blain mentioned to the officers that his company used GPS fleet management software.

From there, the software's live interactive map view was used to follow the stolen vehicle which was tracking across the Greater Palm Springs area. Blain and the police team were able to utilize real-time GPS tracking and locate the stolen vehicle minute-by-minute through the software's dashboard. Three different police departments joined forces with Blain in monitoring the status of Desert Limo’s stolen car as it passed through their zones. Relying on live interactive mapping, Blain easily kept in close communication with each police department to guide them during the event.

Kevin Blain explains, “We ended up doing a ‘live zone relay’ with 3 different police jurisdictions. We kept the cops on the phone and we talked back and forth. What was fascinating to me was watching the car moving all over the screen.”

Through the use of a stolen vehicle tracking system, the company was able to retrieve their Lincoln Town car within a short span of time. The fleet management system provided detailed information about the stolen vehicle’s real-time location without the carjackers ever knowing there had been a tracking unit installed within the vehicle.

Blain adds, “These guys did a great job hiding the device− I actually don’t know where they put them. It used to be that people would have a simple alarm on their cars and it was connected to somewhere in the motor and once the thieves found it they could just disconnect it and you’d never see your car again.”

Because Desert Limo’s biggest investment is in their vehicles, they needed a fleet tracking system that was trustworthy and reliable. After seeking advice from many business professionals, Blain chose Teletrac Fleet Director as the best fit for his company’s needs.

 “At the time it was a choice between Teletrac and Fleetmatics. After speaking with a lot of professional business people that I know... I wanted a company I could rely on.”

I find the system's tracking and analytics to be the most beneficial, and knowing the speed and location of my drivers. There’s much more to it than I know. I can only imagine for someone who has a huge fleet; the benefits must be tremendous.”

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