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Foolproof Ways To Recruit Successful Drivers - Copy

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Finding the best drivers to add to your existing fleet is no easy task. It’s a competitive industry and the top fleet drivers know that their skillset will be appreciated wherever they go, so it’s up to you to have a an open, welcoming company and be at the top of your game.

Consider these potential make-or-break factors when it’s time to recruit new drivers to join your fleet:

Recruitment Materials
Regardless if you are there, the way your company is presented in the initial recruiting process is the first encounter you have with a potential driver. Having crisp designs and current information on your recruitment and marketing materials about the position and any background on your company paints a clear picture for potential employees and leaves a strong positive impression.

Driver Equipment
A lot can be learned about a fleet simply based on the types of vehicles and equipment that are given to drivers. Every driver would love to operate a well-maintained vehicle because it is essentially where they spend all of their working hours. Being part of a company that has an excellent safety record also puts employees at ease because of the great reputation your brand carries.

Turnover Rate
Seeing a high turnover rate is a red flag for any potential new driver. But if you’ve had problems in the past, it’s best to learn from these mistakes and create a better environment going forward.

Training Programs
No one likes to stay stagnant in life, which is why a successful company will provide training for their employees to better themselves. Drivers who are up to date on new laws and are able to practice before they hit the road are more confident in their abilities and also enjoy their work environment as well.

Interviewing Drivers
Once you narrow the field, it’s important to be honest with any potential candidates. Compare and contrast your company with competitors, but don’t bad mouth other fleets. Drivers will appreciate the honesty and you can still portray your fleet in a positive light without kicking dirt on the competition.

And take the time to see what the driver wants out of the position in the long term. Opening this conversation not only lets you understand what the driver wants, but it also lets them envision themselves blissfully employed for a long time.

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