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Four Reasons to Hire More Veterans

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Veterans Day is November 11. It’s a perfect time both to honor the veterans who currently work for you, and take steps to hire more. Why? First of all, there are thousands of veterans who need work when their tours are over, and hiring them is a great way to honor their service. However, aside from being patriotic, there are lots of reasons why military veterans’ skills make them especially suited to transportation and construction careers - and very valuable to your organization.

Calm under pressure
In trucking and construction, intense situations come with the territory, whether it’s another driver cutting you off, poor weather conditions or a sudden equipment malfunction. That’s why a veteran in the operator’s seat is an important asset - they’re used to intensity in their daily work (to put it mildly), and are experts at taking tough situations in stride. When every second counts and a clear head is needed, that could mean the difference between an accident or narrowly avoiding one. 

Leadership skills
In the military, there are those who give command and those who take it. Even so, situations come up where action is needed, even when there isn’t an opportunity to run it by a higher-up first. Military veterans’ training and experience make them independent and ready to take needed steps without having to be told. That’s an important skill to have anywhere, but especially on a construction site, where unexpected delays often come up. Employees who know how to keep the team productive and keep projects moving are extremely valuable to their organizations.

It’s hard to think of anything requiring more discipline than boot camp, so anyone who’s been through that is bound to be a hard worker. Veterans appreciate being recognized for their work, sure, but they also don’t expect a gold star just for showing up. Their military careers have prepared them to do whatever it takes to complete the mission.

Team players
Carrying out complex military operations requires teamwork. As a result, veterans have the soft skills to collaborate and communicate well and be a productive group member. In construction or fleet management, where there are multiple moving parts, excellent communication is a must-have to ensure things run smoothly.

Resources for hiring veterans to your fleet or construction organization
Ready to get hiring? The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has a website devoted to hiring veterans, including resources on supporting veterans in your fleet. For construction managers, the Association of General Contractors of America has a best practices for recruiting veterans website as well.

Check out some additional ways you can honor your military vet drivers: 4 ways to honor your military vet drivers

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