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Friday Fleet Quiz! - Copy

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Were you paying attention to our blog entries this month? Take our quiz and find out if you’re a fleet superstar. Answers will be posted on Monday.

1.    In the last 40 years, how many gallons of gasoline could be attributed to driver weight gains?
A.    50 million
B.    2 million
C.    1 billion
D.    2.5 billion

2.    In August, the  D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals slammed the opportunity for auto and petroleum industries to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency’s approval of E15. What is E15?
A.    A newly formed environmental group consisting of 15 green energy manufacturers
B.    A special gasoline blend comprised of 15% ethanol
C.    A special ethanol blend comprised of 15% biomass
D.    A butanol fuel blend comprised of 15% ethanol

3.    Trucking fatalities increased by what percent last year, according to the Department of Labor?
A.    35%
B.    10%
C.    5%
D.    14%

4.    The Obama administration created legislation this year to increase most vehicles to how many miles per gallon by 2025?
A.    45 mpg
B.    55 mpg
C.    35 mpg
D.    50 mpg

5.    The U.S trucking industry currently employs how many drivers?
A.    3.5 million drivers
B.    5.3 million drivers
C.    3.4 million drivers
D.    7 million drivers

6.    When do selected Hours of Service (HOS) compliance provisions begin?
A.    January 1, 2013
B.    June 1, 2015
C.    July 1, 2013
D.    January 1, 2015

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