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Government Vehicles Required to Add Telematics

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Managing government vehicles require strong controls and protocols. The federal government has made an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 40 percent in the next decade, with Executive Order 13693.

Leading by example, the EO specifically targets federal agencies. The Council on Environmental Quality states: “With a footprint that includes 360,000 buildings, 650,000 fleet vehicles, and $445 billion spent annually on goods and services, the federal government’s actions to reduce pollution, support renewable energy, and operate more efficiently can make a significant impact on national emissions.” The span of the EO applies to government buildings, water treatment facilities, agriculture and the transportation sector.

Impact on vehicle fleets

Section 3(g) of EO 13693 pertains specifically to government vehicle fleet operators. They will be required to improve “vehicle efficiency and management” to the extent of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by the year 2025. This applies to government agencies that maintain vehicle fleets of 20 or more in the United States.

Fleets including light duty and medium duty vehicles will be required to collect operational data through a telematics system. It has become more important than ever to closely monitor vehicle usage and spend. Asset usage must be precisely monitored to avoid wasted resources. Vehicle data needs to be carefully protected. And above all, complying with the budget is an important daily task for every government employee.

Lowering emissions through technology

There are many telematics providers in the space. The right telematics provider helps government fleets comply with mandated sustainability, usage and expense requirements. The information collected through a telematics system, also known as a fleet management platform, electronically monitors and tracks operational fleet activity including fuel use, idle time, maintenance needs and asset usage. The system provides the oversight, the detail and the scrutiny needed for government fleets. Moreover, through various management reporting features, fleets can stay current with budgetary considerations and vehicle use.

With the tools offered in a fleet management platform, government fleets have the ability to stay strictly within their internal controls. It is also important to consider a fleet management platform with General Services Administration (GSA) certification and a hosted network by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, providing comprehensive data security for government fleets concerned with cyber security and data integrity.

These controls help government fleets serve their jurisdictions to the fullest, whether it’s a municipal service fleet or a group of federal government vehicles.

To download Executive Order 13693, visit

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