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GPS Makes Fleet Deliveries Lightning Fast - Copy

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For fleets that base their entire business operation on drivers delivering products throughout their community, the idea of using a GPS system may seem like an unnecessary expense.

After all, each driver knows the entire area and every possible shortcut to make sure packages are delivered on time.

But a comprehensive GPS system does more than show a driver the way from Point A to Point B.

In a time-sensitive delivery industry, a fleet must make deadlines in order to keep existing customers and attract new business. And there is so much more that goes into expanding than simply having a good collection of drivers.

Using an advanced GPS system allows fleet managers to keep to a schedule through the ability to track every vehicle’s progress, coordinate any last-minute pick-ups or deliveries, and also making sure that every package is accounted for from the warehouse right to the final destination.

There are numerous GPS reporting options available that feature fleet technology. An example of this is Teletrac’s Delivery Performance Report, which is beneficial for on-time delivery tracking, customer invoicing, customer billing, any delivery disputes and allows a fleet to optimize its entire schedule.

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This sort of GPS system provides real-time location mapping so every vehicle in the fleet is accounted for at all times. Using the technology allows for both the fleet manager and the customer to know where a specific vehicle is located, when it will arrive at its delivery location and the quickest route to the final destination.

Fleet managers also get the added bonus of getting instant notifications of any problems or other unusual fleet activity. These instant alerts show whether a driver has been speeding, idling, driving outside of a designated area and plenty of other activity issues.

Most importantly, a proper GPS system also provides the company and the customer with a notification of proof of delivery. This tool becomes especially valuable for delivery fleets because customers are notified that a delivery has been completed. And beyond automatically sending reports as proof of delivery, this also provides evidence if it becomes necessary to refute a claim.

The end result is that the service provided through an advanced GPS system gives a fleet far greater efficiency in their day-to-day and long-term operation along with better service for every customer they are partnering with.


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randy thomasRandy Thomas is a Senior Account Executive at Teletrac and works very closely with delivery, service and private carrier fleets. Randy is also a pivotal member of our Chairman's Club and is one of our go-to brain trust's in the world of telematics and GPS technology. Email Randy Thomas

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