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While they were once treated as luxury services that were potentially a risky investment, optimized GPS routing and scheduling solutions have become indispensable tools for companies in the field service.

The advancements in GPS routing in the field have made it possible for companies to effectively utilize employee schedules, reduce the need for overtime and assist in tasks like managing employee time off. These features provide big savings and help companies ensure that regulatory requirements are met.  

Today’s Technology
Scheduling services have changed a great deal in recent years. With the arrival of cloud technology, and the availability of these tools on a multitude of devices, technicians and managers now have unrestricted, real-time access to scheduling and routing information.

Scheduling tools can now be managed instantaneously, using the most current information from a job and technician status to adjust schedules throughout the day.

New Functionality
These hi-tech improvements have made GPS routing and scheduling tools more valuable. Now companies can use the GPS tracking functionality on their employees’ mobile devices to make it easier for a scheduling tool to use location data to drive better decision making.

Through smartphones, companies are provided mobile data that gives a wealth of information on when and how employees are working. Real-time reports and analytics data offer a look into truancy and if a department is properly staffed. That data can be used for employee retraining and also create predictive analytics for optimized routes and schedules.

Scheduling solutions are also more flexible and have the ability to automate complex dispatching situations. They can provide a solution for various scenarios, support real-time customer notifications and collective partnership for technicians. The latter allows technicians to take an active role in making sure their schedule works for everyone in the company.

Picking the Best Tools
The GPS routing and scheduling system should be adaptable and upgradable, so that the functionality can increase over time. This allows for immediate scheduling issues to be resolved, while enough data is accumulated to improve other aspect of the company’s operations.

Other elements to keep in mind are time to configuration, the vendor’s reviews and the reliability of the GPS routing and scheduling solution. Although cloud-based systems are quickly becoming a significant decision point for many, the specifics of the solution and the reliability of the vendor should be the first things considered.

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