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Based in Millington, Tennessee Flag City Motors newly appointed manager Eric Bogenschneider is determined to grow the business into one of the top tow companies in the Memphis area.  Currently holding the number one spot in Millington, Bogenschneider works closely with the Millington Police Department, Shelby County Police Department, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol to tow abandoned cars and immobile vehicles from crash sites.  Bogenschneider has also built relationships with motor clubs like Agero, Allstate, Auto Knight, Coach-Net, Nation Safe Drivers, among others. As one of the primary towing companies used by local businesses and residents, Bogenschneider wanted to invest in a GPS system that could scale with his growing business.

Bogenschneider began his search for a GPS tracking system in order to pinpoint his vehicles’ locations anytime of the day. With the possibility of adding more vehicles to his fleet, it was important to find a solution that would reduce liability and help alleviate growing pains. 

In addition to providing visibility over his fleet, GPS fleet tracking will also arm Bogenschneider with data on driver behavior and traffic updates for optimal routing.  Each driver will receive an aggregated behavior score based on metrics such as stop sign violation, speeding, harsh braking, and more.  With this information, Bogenschneider can follow up with drivers to ensure they are following best practices behind the wheel and effectively train new drivers.  Reducing aggressive driving within his fleet will reduce maintenance costs related to fuel waste, vehicle depreciation, and more that would otherwise eat at the bottom line.

GPS tracking will also provide useful information on job time management, especially when drivers take longer to complete a job than expected.  Without a system in place to track or monitor the routes, Bogenschneider knows implementing a GPS tracking system will alleviate this problem with software that measures time carding and job management.  Flag City Motors now has visibility on departure and arrival times to and from client sites.  In addition, Bogenschneider has the ability to compare actual time against pre-set schedules in order to make important business decisions.

Based on referrals from a handful of companies, Bogenschneider knew he would choose Teletrac from the beginning—but he wanted to do his own research.  After speaking to a handful of companies, he was confident in his decision following many positive interactions with the Teletrac team.

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“Everyone I have talked to, from the salesperson (Jessica), to general customer support, to the installer, has been friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The salesperson especially has been such a great help to our company throughout the whole process,” Bogenschneider said.

Motivated to make his driver’s jobs easier, Bogenschneider also acquired navigation, two-way messaging, and Teletrac’s fleet card.  These features will enable drivers to safely operate their vehicle and stay connected with the dispatcher.  In an industry with a high turnover rate, Bogenschneider knows the importance of increasing and maintaining driver satisfaction.  Two-way messaging will allow for drivers to quickly and effectively communicate necessary information to fleet managers; in-cab navigation will allow drivers to focus on the road and the fleet card will help track company expenses and reduce paperwork.  

With a pre-set list of commonly used messages, drivers can quickly and safely update their managers on job site arrivals, departures, and more.  In-cab navigation enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road as the automated system provides turn-by-turn directions to their destination.  Bogenschneider also integrated the Teletrac fleet card which allows Flag City Motors to track driver fuel purchases and receive a detailed report overview of fuel transactions.  The information provided by the reports will help Bogenschneider manage instances of fuel theft and reduce fuel consumption. 

With Flag City Motor’s current operations relying on cellular satellites Bogenschneider knew the drivers would be excited about having in-cab navigation and two-way messaging.  These features would no longer require them to use their personal cell phones on the job.

Flag City Motors staff can rest easy knowing their fleet operations are safer now that drivers are not risking attention on the road with the use of their cellphones.  With the right GPS tracking solution implemented, Bogenschneider is set for growth. 

To learn more about Teletrac Fleet Director software see it live! Get a Free Live Demo Now!

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