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How An Eco-Friendly Landscaping Company Lowered Fuel Costs

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

For businesses with vehicles providing service to a variety of terrains, keeping track of exact costs, insight on driver behavior and mileage per vehicle can be difficult.

Ranscapes Inc., an environmentally friendly landscaping company in Irvine, California, operates a fleet of 40 vehicles traveling to destinations across Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties.

Their vehicles endure an eclectic array of turf including sports fields, hardscape construction sites, and street sweeping destinations. To keep their drivers safe and monitor each vehicle at their location, Ranscape turned to GPS fleet tracking for a solution, and eventually chose Teletrac. “There were other tracking services we considered. Yet Teletrac’s excellent customer service and prompt response time led us to choose them,” said Daniel Martin, Ranscapes’ Safety Manager.

One feature that motivated the company was Teletrac's Safety Analytics Feature in Fleet Director. Martin and his team are able to track their driver’s speeding, harsh braking, acceleration, and even stop sign violations, which help them monitor risky driver behavior. The software's cluster feature also allows Ranscape to view the proximity of their vehicles to each other, preventing accidents and improving safe driving practices among their operators.

Ranscapes also relies on an idle time report which helps cut back on the period of time their vehicles’ engines are running without moving to a final destination, thus consuming an unnecessary amount of fuel. 

In only a four month time period, “we’ve been able to cut back on fuel expenses, as well as unauthorized stops,” said Martin.

Additionally, Martin and his team have been able to monitor each fuel purchase and accurately pinpoint the location and time of each transaction with Teletrac’s Fleet Card Mastercard. The Fleet Card Reporting feature provides insight into how to regulate their fleet’s fuel consumption, and even eliminate unauthorized card use.  

Keeping so many different vehicles moving safely and cost-effectively in various destinations does not need to be a difficult endeavor. Martin emphasizes, “If you want to know when and where someone is, choose Teletrac. We’ve been more than satisfied with its ease of use and functionality. They have excellent service without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.”

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