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How an iPhone App Saved a Fleet - Copy


With over 35 fleet vehicles weighing in over 44 tons, Corporate Road Solutions is a widely successful logistics company based in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in multiple industries, including  manufacturing, retail, construction and food & beverage. Last month one of the company's vehicles was found in a dead-end. We interviewed the company's fleet manager and asked what happened next....

How has GPS technology affected the way your fleet runs? [Tracking] gives me a clear picture of where my vehicles are at all times, enabling me to schedule drops accordingly and plan ahead.

What factors makes a fleet run efficiently?
Customer service levels are improved as I can automatically provide an ETA should a customer request one.

What role does safety play in your company?
It is very important as I need to assure jobs can be completed within the laws of the Drivers Hours legislation. A safe and efficient driving style is also important so I signed up for the Driver Safety Analytics service to aid driver training. This helps to identify any erratic driving, which in turn assists in protecting my Operators License.

When your vehicle was stolen, what steps did you take to retrieve it? I was contacted by a driver to say the vehicle he was supposed to be driving was not in the yard. I assumed a different driver had accidently taken the wrong vehicle, but having checked Fleet Director on the iPhone app and then my PC, I realized it was parked in a dead-end location it should not have been. I drove to the location to find the vehicle. Had this vehicle not had Fleet Director installed, it would likely have lay undiscovered for 1-2 weeks due to the location it was dumped. One week off the road would have cost me upwards of £8K in lost revenue. Thanks to Fleet Director, I was able to have the vehicle back on the road within 30 minutes. Had I not recovered the vehicle, my insurance premium would have increased, resulting in a reduction of profit for my business.

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