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How An IT Company Improved Business Efficiency


Finding the right GPS tracking solution for your business, no matter the size of fleet, can sometimes be a time consuming process. And with evolving technology constantly pushing its way into business, companies in need of vehicle tracking systems need a reliable platform that can adapt to their maturing fleet.

For Cheri DeRamus of LEK Technology Group in Alabama, incorporating a GPS tracking solution in her business began as a simple checks and balances in order to “keep the employees honest,” she said. LEK Technology Group is a structured cabling and information technology company, and the workers often go straight to the worksite in the morning without stopping at the office. When they are done on a project for the day, they simply go home. Cheri wanted some way of verifying her employees’ work schedule and location status.

Originally, LEK Technology Group was utilizing a GPS tracking provider that did not mature with company’s needs. Coupled with some unsatisfactory customer service and poor pricing options, Cheri recently made the switch to Teletrac’s Fleet Director system, and uncovered the new features and savings she never received with her previous GPS tracking provider.

In addition to keeping employees truthful, with Fleet Director Cheri gained customer honesty as well:  “I have had [a customer] say [my worker] wasn’t there [at the job site] that long, so I have had to pull a report from my GPS system to prove to my customer my vehicle was there for the period of time in question,” claims Cheri. With vehicle activity statuses, Cheri was able to view activity logs of particular vehicles in her fleet on a map showing the exact location and specific time frames the vehicle was operating at a location.

Equally as important as tracking driver locations and customer claims, Fleet Director’s insurance benefit was one of the main reasons Cheri switched LEK Technology Group’s GPS tracking service to Fleet Director: “Teletrac is the only company out there that I will get a discount for using the product. That’s very important, because it’s going to save me money. Right now I have seven of [Teletrac’s units] on seven of my vehicles. So I’m going to get a discount from my vehicle insurance just by having [Teletrac’s GPS tracking units] on my vehicles,” said Cheri.

LEK Technology Group is still new to Fleet Director. But looking to the future, Cheri would like to incorporate other features from the system into LEK’s business, including equipment and cargo tracking, “I didn’t realize there were things you could put on the system like your tools, your equipment, to [track] them as well. So that is a whole new ball game for me. We haven’t even moved that route yet. But I do see it down the road. I think stuff like that is just awesome and amazing how technology has moved over the years.”

There are numerous GPS tracking solutions that incorporate driver behavior tracking, vehicle status reports, and cargo tracking. But only one that matures with your business’ growing needs.  

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