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How Drivers Can Score Like Pro Athletes - Copy


They may not have a season, playoff games or a championship trophy, but for drivers in the transportation industry, every single day is game day.

Fleet companies rely on drivers to come through day after day in order to run a successful business. A single poor performance that results in an accident or injury can set owners back in a big way.

Athletes have coaches by their side to help work through issues and identify key mistakes they may be making. And, now, fleet and truck drivers can be afforded the same benefits without the huge financial strain.

Through safety analytics software, fleet companies can instantaneously construct and maintain a driver safety program. With analytics software installed, managers can be alerted to any potential risks on the road.

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Much like a professional athlete is judged by statistics, a driver can be assessed a score based on their performance.

The Safety Analytics feature in Teletrac Fleet Director provides fleet managers with a measureable safety score on any driver. Every event that a driver encounters on the road, such as speeding and harsh braking, can be scored. The results are then displayed for fleet managers on a pre-set or customizable dashboard, including data-filled charts and graphs that can be toggled and viewed simultaneously.

These scores and dashboards provide fleet managers with an analysis of vehicle safety using metrics that include:   

  • Speeding
  • Harsh braking
  • Acceleration
  • Stop sign violations

With these score-based metrics, it becomes much easier to assess driver performance, pinpoint poor driving habits and identify instances of vehicle abuse.

When a fleet driver is unsafe on the road and routinely ignores the rules, they aren’t just hurting their own reputation, they bring down the entire team. By providing them with some much-needed coaching, a fleet manager can improve the performance of the entire organization.

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Gary Angelo is a senior account executive at Teletrac, and contributes regularly to our blog on the benefits of deploying GPS tracking solutions for both drivers and companies. For more information and insight into Teletrac and the solutions and service we provide, contact Gary Angelo.


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