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How Goodwill Gets Donations Out Faster - Copy


While a non-profit may not seem like a prototypical company to use GPS software, it simply proves that every organization needs to find ways to better serve their customers.

The San Diego portion of Goodwill Industries had to find a way to increase its efficiency in donation pickups, and Alex Huckins, transportation director for Goodwill Industries in San Diego, found that GPS tracking software would give his truck drivers better real-time information.

“Tracking gives us the ability to make sure the trucks are in the right direction, where they have to be, and at the right time. It gives us accountability of where the trucks are at,” Huckins said.

Goodwill Industries is a non-profit international organization that helps people who have disabilities break through barriers to become employed.

Although Goodwill Industries does not make a profit, the organization uses Teletrac and the Fleet Director interface to make them as efficient as possible. Because of this, Goodwill Industries has been able to “provide the citizens of San Diego County with a more efficient means of accepting their donations,” Huckins said.

He also added that Goodwill Industries chose Teletrac because it was the most cost effective tracking device that was on the market.

Huckins said he appreciates the ability to see his trucks in real time with accuracy and ease. By using Message Display Terminals in the vehicles, he can easily send messages to drivers telling them where they need to go – for instances such as the necessity divert off their route.

This technology increases safety and makes it easier for drivers to communicate with dispatch because they no longer need to speak on a radio while driving.

“We manage our fleet more efficiently because we know where they are at all times,” Huckins said. “We can re-route them to the next closest customers, saving us time and overtime.”

This also gives Huckins the ability to let each customer know the approximate time a truck will arrive to their location with accuracy. All of which adds up to help make Goodwill Industries donation pickups as efficient as possible.

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