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How GPS Tracking Helps Boost Sales - Copy

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As companies look to gain a competitive edge in their sales force productivity, more are turning to GPS tracking to help reduce costs and improve overall customer service.

While the technology has long been used in the fleet management industry, companies with outside sales teams are now embracing GPS tracking and data features that can significantly benefit their business.

Implementing GPS tracking systems in your company’s vehicles is simple and provides you with immediate savings on driving costs, while boosting business operations, and even sales.

Save Money with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking has the ability to minimize operating costs and expenses associated with a sales team in several key areas.

  • Increased productivity. Set destinations, send coordinates and display the quickest possible routes to maximize your employees' hours, all while eliminating overtime costs, reducing fuel usage and increasing daily productivity.
  • Lower insurance rates. Using a GPS tracking system provides your company with access to far lower insurance premiums. Businesses have reported savings of thousands of dollars each year in insurance costs after implementing the technology in their vehicles.
  • Improve behavior. Sales teams have quite a bit of freedom when out in the field. With GPS tracking, you can hold each team member accountable for their daily activity by verifying whether they truly met with the client or prospect they claim they did.
  • Eliminate poor habits. Unauthorized vehicle use, such as driving outside office hours or speeding, can be detected to generate immediate alerts.

Optimize Your Company’s Operations 

Spending time meeting with sales employees to verify expense reimbursements can be completely eliminated. A GPS tracking solution allows you to automate and optimize these activities and provides your sales team with more time to deal with clients.

  • Gas and mileage reimbursements. Many companies have sales teams that rely on their personal vehicles for client visits. Creating and managing mileage reports and fuel reimbursements can be automated and streamlined with a GPS tracking system through simple reports-by-vehicle features. This ensures you are not overpaying sales employees. Precise vehicle and mileage data eliminates an employee’s ability to over report mileage or add personal trips in their total mileage.
  • Monitor sales territories. By utilizing geo-fences for location monitoring, you are able to set up regional territories for employees and can get instant notifications when an employee ventures outside an established zone. This feature is crucial in eliminating disputes while encouraging your sales team to focus on their dedicated territory.

Gain Instant Support

Providing the sales team with GPS software helps them avoid delays due to heavy traffic, construction work or road accidents so that they arrive on time and ready to do business.

  • Real-time tracking. A GPS tracking system that features real-time updates lets you manage your mobile sales force. You can see how much time they spend with customers, how often customers are visited and detect any customers that may have been missed.
  • Urgent requests. Being able to find the vehicles best suited for urgent assignments allows you to react quickly. You’ll be able to identify, locate and contact your nearest sales force member and re-route them to address any pressing matters, which saves time and minimizes unnecessary trips.

Boost Your Company’s Sales

To successfully optimize your sales force and consistently improve performance, you’ll need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each sales team member. This is where a GPS tracking solution can also be useful:

  • Recognize best practices. Data received from a GPS tracking system’s analytics and reporting features can be utilized to identify the activity of your top producers, which can then be applied as benchmarks for the entire sales team.
  • Reduce turnover. A rotating sales team is the nature of the business. However, many companies have been able to reduce turnover and the hiring cycle by implementing a GPS tracking system in their vehicles. Vehicle tracking and location data gives you can get a better idea of who is cut out for outside sales and who is not. Companies have also created internal incentive programs that apply GPS data for key scorecarding metrics, which has a positive impact on employee retention and company culture.
  • Customer visit reports. A detailed time on-site report shows you how much time the sales team spends with each customer. This information can be used to analyze sales force efficiency. For cases where the number of visits are important, the summary reports display how many times each customer has been visited during the selected time period.
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randy thomasAdam Ayers is Vice President of Sales at Teletrac where he oversees regional sales teams across the country on a daily basis. He brings more than a decade of experience to the GPS fleet tracking space, utilizing his vast knowledge and  delivery of value propositions to fleet companies looking to solve their business needs. Email Adam Ayers


Randy Thomas is a Senior Account Executive at Teletrac and works very closely with delivery, service and private carrier fleets. Randy is also a pivotal member of our Chairman's Club and is one of our go-to brain trust's in the world of telematics and GPS technology. Email Randy Thomas

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