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Teletrac Navman

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How our customers maximize fleet efficiency to increase business ROI

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Teletrac Navman has been providing GPS fleet management software to fleet businesses for more than thirty years. Over that timeframe, we have seen a number of customers use our software beyond tracking vehicle location to optimize varying areas of their fleet and, ultimately, increase their profits.

Don’t take our word for it, explore our customer stories about how they’ve cut costs or read how they talk about the business benefits they’ve seen as a result of using our products. 

Decreased Insurance Costs through Improved SMS Score

Pointdirect Transport, Inc. attributed their improved SMS score directly to their use of our fleet management software. The improved SMS score resulted in a significant reduction in their insurance costs. “We just went through our insurance renewal, and our year-over-year SMS score improvement got us a huge reduction in insurance cost. It’s had a big impact on the bottom line.”

Read the whole Pointdirect story and learn how they’ve increased business by 20% every year.


Better Driver Coaching with Dashboard Cameras 

P&B Transportation, Inc. has gained deeper understanding of her drivers’ skills and areas of improvement through precise driving behavior data. This data used alongside dashboard camera footage has transformed their driver coaching processes with more targeted, immediate feedback. They plan to use this data to reward safe driving behaviors and boost driver morale.

Read the whole P&B Transportation story and learn how safety is now at the forefront of operations and why their drivers want dashboard cameras.


Improved Payroll Costs with Customized Reporting

Jaris Transportation saw a savings of $440 per vehicle per month by using our GPS fleet management platform to accurately track hours worked.

Alliance Pest Control, Inc. was able to cut overtime pay by $389 per vehicle per month through more efficient routing and the ability to compare timesheets to our software’s generated activity reports.

Learn more about Jaris Transportation and Alliance Pest Control utilized GPS fleet management to improve administrative processes and cut costs related to payroll.


Increased Profits through Smarter Maintenance and Fuel Management

Griffin Waste Services saw fuel and maintenance savings of $742 per vehicle per month by decreasing excessive speeding and idling through detailed monitoring with GPS fleet management.

Tech A.I.R. cut annual vehicle repair costs by $24,000 through added insight and proactive maintenance provided by detailed maintenance reports generated by our solution.

Learn how Griffin Waste and Tech A.I.R. utilized telematics to improve maintenance scheduling and cut fuel usage costs.

Here are a few other customers on their success

“We save enough miles each month to pay for Teletrac [Navman] and don’t have the wear and tear on our vehicle.” – West Point Utility

“We have several customers that require us to track our vehicles every two hours and provide them with updates. Teletrac [Navman] makes sure that these ‘hot and sensitive’ deliveries are on route and on time.” – A.N. Webber

“Our sweepers are vastly more productive than before we got the system.” – LoRE Sweeping

“Before Teletrac [Navman], drivers were making up their own routes and there was no way of knowing other than having them followed. I now have complete oversight of my fleet of trucks.” – Manhattan Fruit Exchange

Disclaimer: Our current system, DIRECTOR, was built using features from two legacy products: Fleet Director and Online AVL2. Our customer stories features customers who are using one of those three GPS fleet management systems.

To read more about our customers' success stories, please visit our customer case studies page.

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