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How Plumbing Companies Use Fleet Tracking - Copy


Being on the road is a reality for most plumbers, and plumbing companies often require a fleet of vehicles that can be dispatched throughout the city. If you have more than a couple vehicles to keep track of, it's time to consider fleet tracking.

GPS tracking software helps plumbing companies optimize vehicle usage with innovative software solutions and industry-leading technology. Fleet tracking helps you dispatch plumbers to a location faster, verify when tickets are complete, and monitor all driving activity, which will help lower operating costs. 

Three Ways Plumbing Companies Use Fleet Tracking

1. Fuel Savings
Any business that utilizes vehicles as a part of everyday operations has a huge cost to consider. Fuel is one of the largest operating expenses for plumbing companies due to the amount of time they spend in the field. By improving route selection, optimizing the method used for dispatching vehicles, and monitoring idle time, managers can dramatically reduce the amount spent on fuel.

2. Improve Customer Service
Being able to react quickly to the needs of your customers is crucial for the continued success of your business. GPS fleet tracking enables you to improve response time by knowing who is closest, and provides you with insight into when your crew will arrive so you can set realistic expectations for the customer. Your drivers can even download the most efficient route possible to maximize time and reduce the chances of getting lost. You'll also have improved employee accountability and be able to verify exact time on the job.

3. Employee Management
Fleet tracking in the plumbing industry also lends itself to easy employee management. Know where your drivers are at all times, rather than wasting time checking in. You can improve safety and reduce speeding, which in turn will improve fuel efficiency and lower the chances that your vehicle is in an accident. Also, since you can receive real-time information regarding a vehicle's movements, it is also easy to verify hours worked and restrict off-hours operation.

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