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How Professional Carpet Cleaners Use Tracking To Declutter


F&F Carpet Cleaning provides much more than traditional carpet cleaning. They take pride in the variety of cleaning services they offer, including area rugs, upholstery, and tile and grout. They install carpets and rugs, take care of pet stains and odors, dry out flooded buildings in order to prevent damage and mold (an emergency service available any day, around the clock), and if mold begins growing before someone calls them in, they’ll remove the mold. They use state-of-the-art equipment and safe, non-toxic chemicals for a thorough, in-depth clean.

Not surprisingly, all of this work requires a fleet of vehicles to transport their special equipment. Those trucks and vans can be costly  to own and operate, and of course they carry a lot of important equipment and chemicals. Keeping track of those assets is critical.

Which is why F&F Carpet Cleaning called Teletrac and got a tracking solution installed in their entire fleet. They happily report a significant savings in fuel costs and a reduction in unaccounted time. That greater security and efficiency frees them to put more of their energy into doing what they do best—providing great service to their customers, the people of Scottsdale, Arizona, and surrounding communities.

The experience of F&F Carpet Cleaning is far from unique. Being able to track every vehicle in the fleet makes routing efficient, and it gives supervisors an important monitoring  tool to train their drivers. Smarter driving behavior is not just critical for safety, but for cutting fuel costs and maintaining their vehicle in top condition. And of course tracking can save the day in the worst case scenarios, such as theft, a traffic accident, or a driver medical emergency while on the job.

F&F Carpet Cleaning emphasizes  that while homeowners can clean floors and furniture themselves, calling for help brings much better results. Professional cleaners have the equipment and the know-how to do a much better, faster job, resulting in more dirt removed and fewer residues left behind. Professional quality care also makes carpets and rugs last  longer, thus avoiding the costs of new installation.

Equally, GPS tracking provides real time results.  Sure, it is possible for a company to keep track of its vehicles using paperwork and cell phone communication. People have done that for years. But incorporating a tracking solution that provides 24/7 vehicle visibility and business data  makes the whole process more efficient and more reliable, thus protecting and extending the usefulness of the entire fleet.

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