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How SmartNav Impacted Citroën - Copy

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Citroën and Teletrac: A Success Story
As one of the first fleet manufactures in the U.K. to integrate satellite navigation, Citroën is a model case study for the effectiveness of Smartnav. The Teletrac offering has pushed Citroën van sales, making the company one of a small handful of van manufacturers who performed ahead of their market in 2012.

With the cost of fuel rocketing in the United Kingdom, Citroën® has steered the green path with one of the most fuel efficient fleets in the country. Teletrac’s Smartnav® saves Citroën users thousands of dollars in fuel costs per year, allowing the company to save an excess of six hours of work per vehicle per month. This ensures the company a future of high fuel economy and low carbon emissions.

Smartnav, a fully integrated navigation system from Teletrac, allows drivers to stay directly connected to a call center at all times—simply with the touch of a button. While destinations can also be easily entered through a color touch screen, Smartnav allows drivers to speak to a live person at any time of the day. Drivers can ask about a specific location and receive verbal navigation directions to that precise destination within seconds.  Every route within the system is dynamic, helping guide drivers through congestion and other traffic issues that may potentially slow the journey down. 

Navigation Capabilities
Since 2006, Smartnav has provided significant navigation assistance to Citroën drivers, saving fleets over 100,000 hours of work (14,311 working days) in the past year alone.  On average, Citroën drivers downloaded 5.5 routes from Smartnav per month, while the top 30% of drivers downloaded over 21 routes per month. Uniquely, Smartnav also provides drivers with a “breakdown” button in the event they require assistance.

A few additional key statistics, collected over the past 12 months:

  • 211 emergency calls were made by Citroën van drivers through Smartnav
  • The Smartnav PA’s downloaded 37,955 routes personally to Citroën drivers
  • Smartnav provided approximately 3.8 million routes to Citroën drivers
  • Over 97% of Citroën vans stolen were recovered through Teletrac’s stolen vehicle tracking recovery system

Currently, there is no other van company in the United Kingdom that offers standard vehicle tracking. More than half of Citroën vehicles tracked by Teletrac have been recovered within the hour.

For more information about Teletrac's GPS navigation and fleet tracking software click here.

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