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How To Choose Which Tablet To Use For Your Fleet - Copy

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As more fleet companies adopt the use of GPS tracking, the trend has also turned to fleets using tablets to track vehicles, analyze data and communicate with drivers.

But how do you know which tablet is best for your fleet?

There are an overwhelming number of tablet devices available that come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, varying levels of ruggedness and durability, and many offer different features and functionality. While these are all significant options to consider, the most important factor is selecting the operating system (OS) the tablets will run on.

Selecting the right mobile OS for your fleet’s tablets can have a substantial impact the success of the solution. The leading tablet OS options are Android and iOS and Windows, each of which offers its own value proposition.

While Windows is generally the legacy system used by public safety, utilities and transportation services, it also is the least powerful of the platforms.

The iOS platform has the reputation of being the most user-friendly, and it also is relatively easy to upgrade. The problems, however, lie in the high cost of purchasing tablets and the inability for apps to move along with the OS upgrades.

As far as fleet management tablets go, the Android platform has become the leader in the marketplace. The variety of tablets available on this OS makes it the most robust and third-party friendly.

Android-powered tablets allow fleet managers to seamlessly integrate Google apps across the entire company’s devices. This means that drivers and employees can have different types of tablets they may be more comfortable with, and the IT department can still manage all of these devices with relative ease.

For instance, Teletrac Drive is a comprehensive suite of applications for Android that provides vehicle operators with safety and efficiency tools – all on an easy-to-use interface. Drive’s advanced in-vehicle navigation and two-way messaging functions, including compliance and safety options, allows for seamless transportation during the work day. With multiple map views and the ability to instantly send and receive messages, operators stay guided and focused – enabling improved efficiency and productivity.

The best part is that fleet companies do have the choice when it comes to selecting tablet devices. But in the end, the Android OS offers the largest selection of devices, most customization, best IT support, and it also has the highest growth rate in enterprise adoption and support.

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