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How To Prevent Employees From Stealing Gas - Copy

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Gas guzzling just doesn’t happen at the pump. Employees stealing gas leads to lower profits, reduced employee morale and lost trust in drivers. A serious issue for many companies that have a fleet of vehicles is employees stealing gas for their own needs. Despite this being a common occurrence, many business owners aren’t aware they may be victims or aren’t sure how to handle the situation. By understanding how employees are stealing gas, you can quickly end the issue.

The most common scenarios of employees stealing gas are taking advantage of a company car for nonbusiness reasons or using a company credit card to fill up a personal vehicle. When a person takes a company car for personal reasons, the result is a long term loss for the company. The little trips that an employee takes in the company car add up in fuel expenses that cost the business an exorbitant amount of money over time. The same holds true when an employee uses a company credit card to fuel up a personal vehicle, or if the company unknowingly reimburses gas purchases for a personal vehicle.

These situations arise for a multitude of reasons such as increased gas prices, an employee not thinking it’s a big deal, or people simply taking the risk of stealing gas.

There are plenty of effective ways to reduce and eliminate fuel theft. By addressing the issue in a companywide manner, you bring light to situation and notify everyone that it will not be tolerated. Communicating to everyone that employees stealing gas affects the entire company from a financial standpoint will take a positive step towards resolving the issue.

How does GPS tracking lead to less fuel theft?
Using GPS fleet tracking software also helps monitor business fuel theft. By actively monitoring gas mileage and usage, you get an understanding of the distance and duration your fleet is on the road. You’ll notice if a specific driver is spending more on fuel than average and be able to take a look at detailed reports to closely observe the situation.

The only way to stop employees stealing gas is by addressing the problem. If you get to the root of the problem, you won’t have to lose any more money to fuel theft at your company.

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