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The key to developing a great relationship with customers is rather simple: Provide a level of customer service that shows how important that relationship is to one's company. And when dealing with fleet companies that rely on services such as GPS tracking, there needs to be an open line of communication and top-level support to help resolve any issue that may arise.

“Customer service is critical in the help desk environment as we are the front line of support,” said Orlando Hernandez, Customer Support Manager at Teletrac. “Good customer service starts with understanding the customers’ problems and frustrations and putting ourselves in their shoes.”


Teletrac helps businesses tracks over 200,000 vehicles worldwide. Their customer service team makes sure they go the extra mile by providing each customer with premier service that offers unlimited support in product training, telephone assistance, stolen vehicle retrieval help and software updates.

“Providing good customer service represents the dedication we have as a company to our clients, as well as the responsibility of building and maintaining a loyal and trustworthy relationship,” Hernandez said.

For Teletrac’s customers, that service and support is a major factor in their decision to partner with the company.

“We had a few technical issues that Teletrac aggressively resolved,” said John Stevens, Vice President of Runnymede Corporation.

As a commercial real estate development and management firm in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Runnymede Corporation uses approximately a dozen vehicles for employee travel throughout the Hampton Roads area.

When an issue arose with one of Runnymede’s vehicles, Stevens remarked how impressed he was with Teletrac’s customer service.

“I measure our vendors based on how they respond when things don't go perfectly. Teletrac scored very high on that,” Stevens said. “I am happy with our partnership.”

To make sure that Stevens’ issues were resolved, Aaron Salas, a Level 2 Customer Support Representative at Teletrac, said that he didn’t wait for Runnymede to contact him. Instead, just like he said he always does, Salas took a proactive approach.

“I check in regularly to see if a customer is satisfied,” Salas said. “I keep the line of communication open and update them on where we are in the process by following up and making sure every issue is resolved.”


And at Teletrac, Hernandez said that this level of service is delivered by the entire support staff.

“Customer service is fundamental across the company. It is a key element in which we demonstrate the importance of supporting our customers with their issues and concerns, and our willingness helps resolve them,” Hernandez said. “It’s also a way of demonstrating how capable and dedicated we are to our clients. In other words, it is a key element in maintaining and retaining customers.”

With the combination of an all-star customer service team and their market-leading GPS tracking and fleet automation technology, it’s easy to see why more than 20,000 fleets across all industries are happy to partner with Teletrac.



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